Avid bookshelf is a personal project I did at the start of summer in 2020. I was interested in looking into how apps are designed to lead users to certain actions. I decided the best way to truly understand the process, was to create an app myself.
The prototype was created in Adobe XD.
As my 21st birthday is approaching, I considered asking for an e-reader. I liked the convenience of having all of my reading in one place, and the ability to read PDF documents from it as I have trouble reading from a computer screen. However, although it is irrational, I would really miss having a bookshelf.

The bookshelf is an excellent representation of one's journey through reading. In moments a viewer can guage one's tastes in book and how frequently they read. I find that my bookshelf motivates me.
I realised that this attitude to a bookshelf is not unlike a video game reward system, and I realised that I could transfer this bookshelf into the form of a mobile app. Allowing me a permanent and portable bookshelf, so I can keep an eye on the progress of the books I read on my new ereader.


The structure of these apps can be broken down into 3 key sections, the header, the body and the footer. Many apps feature an action button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Using Adobe XD, I made a quick prototype to get a feel of how the app may flow before I start any concrete development. Creating a search engine for books is outside the scope of this project but I can just fake it. This is the absolute barebones functionality of this app. Ideally, it would be more game-like and rewarding.
I then began work on creating an identity for this app. I chose a name that seemed energetic, and playful but not silly, 'Avid'.
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