Raveyard was created by a team of 6 Abertay University students in under 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam. The game was developed for WebGL, Mobile and Windows. I undertook the role of Technical Artist in this project and was mostly responsible for the appearance of interactive UI elements and their corresponding animations, the lighting in the main game and the disco tile shaders. 
Procedural Disco Shader
I designed a tool that would control the individual behaviour of a grid array of disco tiles. Unfortunately, with the short amount of time for this jam I decided it would be quicker to hardcode the behaviour into a mesh.
However, I returned to this tool afterwards and created a shader that allows developers to create disco flooring at any scale.
Inspector Window for Material
Inspector Window for Material
Shadergraph View
Shadergraph View
I also worked on most of the UI. I would replicate the core gameplay mechanic of flipping grave tiles to colourful disco tiles in the UI.
Given that the game is being developed for browser and mobile use, the rendering needed to be lightweight. We opted to use Unity's built in URP, and we used simple lit shaders for the majority of assets.
I wanted to use the lighting to create a fruity, spooky tone, that would also make the colours pop when disco tiles appear. I used a directional light to create faint cold moonlight, and used a dark warm purple ambient to compliment this.

Before and After Lighting

Baily Sabin - Level Designer
Dan Paul - Programmer
Emily Blane - Character Artist
Innes White - Technical Artist
Michael Falcone - VFX
Rachel Cassandro - 3D Artist
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