I May Lack Identity, But I Have Wonderful Teeth (2021)

Solo | Honour's Project at The Glasgow School of Art

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I May Lack Identity, But I Have Wonderful Teeth is a virtual, interactive theme park ride made in Unity. This experience turns an Android device into a window to this environment allowing the audience to look around and interact with the ride.
Inspired by the works of Jean Baudrillard, this piece aims to explore the life of an individual forced into an economy based on the exchange of displays of social status. Here, infancy is characterised by the passive consumption of symbols of status and maturity is attained when the individual begins to produce these symbols.
In this reality, the constant exchange of signs and symbols empties them of meaning, thus rendering ideology, identity and culture meaningless. All that remains is a world stimulated by an accelerating flow of empty imagery. Even opposition to this system becomes invalid as there is no ideology to form its foundations.


The Glasgow School of Art Graduate Showcase

GSA hosted two graduate showcases: The digital showcase, that is open to the public and online & the physical showcase - a private event for students to reconnect and enjoy each other's work.