The intention of this personal project, is to demonstrate my ability in the traditional 3D Character pipeline. My intention is to create a 3D model of myself, then rig and apply ragdoll physics then apply this asset in a more creative context.
Creating The Character
Initial Sketch
I find that drawing helps inform sculpting- especially with soft organic forms like bodies.
High Poly Sculpt
Working from these drawings and reference, I sculpted the head in MudBox. I decided I would instead like to create a whole body that I could rig during the process. I took the default body base mesh in MudBox, tweaked it slighlty and added clothes.
I brought the high poly model into maya, and began retopology. Although I did not plan on rigging the face, it is still best practice to create topology that allows for good deformation. The polycount came to 18,656.
My workflow in Substance Painter almost entirely consists of procedural textures, and masks. This is a non-destructive workflow, that allows me to quickly make changes to the textures. I baked a normal, curvature and AO map from the high poly mesh I created in MudBox.
The rig is a standard humanoid rig, with inverse kinematics on the feet and arms. I used ngSkinTools for the first time instead of Maya's built-in skinning tools. Having the ability to see all the influences for every joint at the same time makes it so much easier to spot and fix issues.

Controlling the blinking by scrolling a 'blink' attribute in the eyes controller.

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