"The Bureaucrat's Battle" is a video game I built to explore the bureaucracy of war.

I drew inspiration from Lucas Pope's "Papers, Please", a game that has the player act as an immigration officer in a fictional, cold-war era country. Through the basic and repetitive task of checking immigrants’ passports, the player is
bombarded with moral dillemmas and the consequences of their actions.

However, where "Papers, Please" uses the gamification of bureaucracy to reduce the distance between the players’ actions and their consequences, "The Bureaucrat’s Battle aims to use bureaucracy to further the distance between action and consequence.

By juxtaposing mundane office work with military surveillance work, The
Bureaucrat’s Battle plays down the importance of the players’ decisions.
I must stress that the project was limited two weeks and should be though of as a prototype. With more time, I would bring depth to the mechanics, and improve the pacing of the game.
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