For my degree studio project, I am building a scene that explores the contemporary roles of consumption and production of content. The experience should explore the consumption and production of displays of wealth, sex and power.
To achieve this, I am constructing a scene in Unity that places its audience on a ride through a Disney-like theme. The player gets to watch the displays from a floating raft, before becoming the performer who must dance for the spectators (consumers).
I want to convey a hyperreal form of reality, in which the displays all amount to strange contemporary media simulacra that all signify social status.
This page acts as a summary. For a deeper look into my sketchbook and journal, head over to the 'Year 4' section of this site.
The video below shows a playthrough of the experience as of 25th February 2021. I am still in the process of blocking it in so it is still rough around the edges and bare in parts. Also please forgive the crackling of the audio, the video was recorded in Andriod and the screen recording software appears to be running at a slower framerate than the game.
Shown below is an updated version of the experience above from 06 March 2021.
Given that my work is to be shown in an art school degree show context, it is unlikely that the target audience will be particularly tech-savvy. This rules out complex controls like gamepads and mouse and keyboards. Also, given the coronavirus pandemic, it is likely that the degree show will be online. My work must be portable, and translate well online.
Given these limitations, I found that the best way forward was to build the game for smartphones, and use the gyroscope as the main control. The aim is to make the phone behave like a VR headset by using the gyroscope. I have found plenty of evidence to suggest that VR controls are extremely intuitive, and people who have never played a game in their life have no problems with VR.
I also have decided to limit interactions as much as possible, with the only tap interaction being to start the game. When selections need to be made in the game, they are handled by looking at an object for a number of seconds as a fill bar fills.
Ideally this project would be running in VR in a gallery setting, but the piece needs to adapt to the current climate, and this appears to be the best solution
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